DATES: 29 – 30 – 31 March 2019
DURATION: 3 Days, 18 hours
LOCATION: Haute Future Fashion Academy – Milan, Italy, via Santa Marta 2
HFFA: +390287071500
BFA: +390282874595

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Professional upgrade course

Who is the Style Director? The Style Director is a leader whose professional role is gaining more and more importance nowadays. He inspires, develops and realizes sophisticated high-fashion masterpieces.

Style Director is a head of the team of individual stylists and hair & make up artists who work on the visual presentation of the fashion shows, editorial campaigns and everything connected to visual communication. The Style Director’s role is strategic and fundamental, it can vary in different creative sectors of fashion and beauty industry, but the general trend proves that the demand for professionals in that sphere is soaring up in Fashion world.

The term “Styling” refers to a process aimed at making any object or subject more beautiful and aesthetically perfect. This process is structured by numerous paths and can vary depending on the many contexts to which it can be applied such as editorial or photographic shooting, Brand Consulting, Image Consulting, Personal Advisoring, Visual Merchandising where the common denominator is the search for beauty, achieved through a creative journey that draws inspiration from the contemporary world, from the knowledge of the past and from the artistic vision, interpreted with personality and aesthetic harmony.

The aim of the Workshop is to present the figure of the Style Director providing the first knowledge to create a structured and powerful “self-branding”. Moreover it is enriched with the specific “know-how” transmitted during the course days related to Beauty and Styling and completed by the appropriate “visual marketing” to communicate it through the realization of the professional Photo Book scheduled for the third day.

The first day provides all the elements to acquire specific knowledge about the Beauty Look, with the particular focus on a trend or total look that would fit the style and would meet the communication needs of an advertising campaign or a fashion show aimed at creating an original and winning ” brand identity ” able to operate as a protagonist in the current market. We’ll analyse the stylistic elements that made the history of fashion, look at the consequent evolution of the concept of beauty up to its contemporary expression, observe the make-up and the hair look that were fundamental for the identification, and discuss the success of the most prestigious fashion houses and of the icons that later became role models.


The second day offers a full immersion in visual communication through the study of the image and the development of style to offer the essential tools for personal or business success. This part of Workshop aims at developing the participant’s imagination and provides basic tools to compose a individual mix of inspirations, a sort of “archive” for original visions coinciding with personal interests which are constantly updated.

Practical Exercises for Make-up, Hair & Fashion Styling, finalizing with a Professional Photoshoot session in order to create a portfolio material for the participants.
After successfully concluding the Workshop, the students will receive The Certificate of Attendance together with the Photos of the shooting with the rights to use in the Personal Portfolio.


  • Hair Designers
  • Make Up Artists
  • Image Consultants
  • Stylists
  • Photographers
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Fashion Designers


HFFA – Haute Future Fashion Academy (Milan, Italy) is an innovative reality high-level training in the field of High End Luxury Fashion, Haute Couture and Design Concept. Through an avant-garde approach, HFFA intends to redesign the training in an international vision projected into the future, aimed at recovery of craftsmanship and greater promotion of Made in Italy.

BFA – Beauty Fashion Academy – Training and High Professional  Centre in Milan for Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Beauticians, Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists and Fashion Designers. Beauty Fashion Academy is the first and only Italian Accredited Academy at IUM – International Union for Makeup and Hair stylist Education.


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